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ExactFile Released

Another ExactFile update ready for download.

This update completes the Windows “open with” support.

The installer will offer to associate ExactFile with the following file extensions:

  • .exf
  • .md5
  • .sha1
  • .sfv

Don’t worry, you can opt not to do this. And if you uninstall (why would you?) the file assocations are removed.

Basically this means that ExactFile accepts a single command-line argument, which is expected to be a digest file. By assoicating the above extensions with ExactFile, you can simply double-click them in Windows Explorer and they’ll be validated by ExactFile. Also, the Explorer “Open With…” dialog will allow you to easily associate file extensions with ExactFile, so if you have some other extension you’re using, like maybe .crc32, it’ll work.

Technical detail: ExactFile doesn’t really care what the file extension is. A sha1sum checksum digest could be called “checksums.md5” and ExactFile is smart enough to figure out that they are indeed sha1 sums, not md5 sums. As long as the content of the digest file matches one of the supported formats, it’ll work.