ExactFile Released

Another ExactFile update ready for download.

This update completes the Windows “open with” support.

The installer will offer to associate ExactFile with the following file extensions:

  • .exf
  • .md5
  • .sha1
  • .sfv

Don’t worry, you can opt not to do this. And if you uninstall (why would you?) the file assocations are removed.

Basically this means that ExactFile accepts a single command-line argument, which is expected to be a digest file. By assoicating the above extensions with ExactFile, you can simply double-click them in Windows Explorer and they’ll be validated by ExactFile. Also, the Explorer “Open With…” dialog will allow you to easily associate file extensions with ExactFile, so if you have some other extension you’re using, like maybe .crc32, it’ll work.

Technical detail: ExactFile doesn’t really care what the file extension is. A sha1sum checksum digest could be called “checksums.md5” and ExactFile is smart enough to figure out that they are indeed sha1 sums, not md5 sums. As long as the content of the digest file matches one of the supported formats, it’ll work.

20 thoughts on “ExactFile Released

  1. Miha

    Great program, especially Create TestFile Applet function.
    But I have one suggestion: progress bar is a little clumsy. If creating digest on a lot of small files and one very big file then progress bar goes all to the end and then stays there until this one big file is ended.

    Regards, Miha

  2. Mike

    This is a really great program… When i came to the site, i feared either it would be free and “featureless” like the many others or it would cost something and be ‘Just okay’.

    This is a very VERY well made program. I think it needs some UI fix ups… but at its core, The program is very easy to use, very quick, and the windows integration makes it very smooth to use too… its simple a GREAT program.

    My only suggestion is maybe when creating a digest, you could have 2 tabs at the top: one for single file and one for a directory.

    The drag and drop feature is really nice thou.

  3. Air

    Great program – however, I wonder if it would be possible to integrate an additional feature allowing you to select a subset of files to be checked only.

    I have a big backup drive where a lot of data is stored within a “carefully” organized hierarchy – you may bet on that – and I am looking for a way of checking file integrity. A nice way would be if a checksum file would be added per directory (containing only the info for the files within the same dir) and a tool allowing you to check selected hierarchies (somewhat similar to CVS). That way, directories can be moved / reorganized without losing the checksum assignments.

    It would be awesome if this idea could be supported in a future version – if there is still ongoing work. Anyway, great job!

  4. Jochen

    Hi, found no better way to ask this. Can Exact file calculate the md5 of a zipped file without using the space to unpack it? I’m looking for ways to backup a linux laptop onto a windows share which will only hold the zipped dd version. Not enough space to unpack.

    Thanks for any help

  5. Brandon Post author

    ExactFile is not a zip program so it would not unzip your archive. It would generate a checksum of the archive file itself, not the decompressed files in the archive.

  6. Jocke

    If I run the “TestFiles.exe” and it can’t locate any checksum digest file, I can not close “TestFiles.exe”.
    I get this error “Access violation at address 00492893 in module ‘TestFiles.exe’. Read of address 00000008.”

  7. Jenny

    Great program, thanks very much. I’d love one extra option: either being able to compare the hash for a single file against the contents of the clipboard directly, or to be able to paste and compare. Quite a few sites supply the md5 hash for downloadable files and it would be very nice to have a simple check on the integrity of a download.

  8. Fabrizio

    I just tried exactfile, it seems really a great program, just what I was looking for! Anyway, it doesn’t scan hidden files, is it a bug?


  9. Fredrik

    Awesome program! Not only does it support unicode(finally a program that does!), but it also does those extra things without frustrations and seizures. Wait… a _well programmed_ integrity checker…? Hell has surely frozen over by now.*

    (*Just do note that I haven’t tested ALL these programs out there. :D)

  10. Exact

    Better, or not?

    1. It’l be better to show progress indicator in MB for each hash, for example for a 4 GB file hashing, to show 125/4.028 MB, and next 3 seconds: 128MB/4.028MB, and ….

    2. It’ll be better for each hash to have an PAUSE button (like tape recorder)? For example, when doind 2 threat hashes in the same time, to be able to cancel the big hash (4 GB) and let the other stream to hash the other 25.000 small files? And when finishing hashing all the other 25.000 small files from hash 1, to start automatically hashing the paused threat (the big file hash)? So we can prioritize the way it hases?

  11. Exact

    yes… and with hidden and system file attributes having set to files…. hashing…. in not working…

    For kits, I’ll have to uncheck the hidden files to have them checked for burning on CD, so… it’l be a big mess… around…

    Maybe a quicker new version to be able to hash the entire directory with any type of file attributes inside???

  12. taj

    Great program but it would be nice if it would scan files marked as hidden or atleast include an option to do so in the settings.

  13. Michael

    I’ve been looking around for a MD5 checker. I’ve tried about 14 free and 1 paid version. One thing I’ve noticed is that none use quite the same file format. WinMD5 uses two spaces between the hash and filename, Checksum Verifier uses a tab between them, and ExactFile uses a space asterisk. Is there not a standard format?

    I’m really excited about the TestFiles applet. I think this will be a big help to me. Thanks!

  14. David Parvin

    Great program. Is it still under development? I don’t have any issues with it, but I was wondering when it was coming out of the beta phaze?

  15. David Parvin

    After playing with this great program some, I did find a small issue with the Test Digest tab. When I select a check sum file the base folder for the files in the digest field gets set to the same folder. If I click on the button off to the side of the address box, it will allow me to select a different location but that different location never makes it back to the address box. I was able to work around this by typing in the address I wanted it to verify against and it worked great.

  16. ;-)

    When using ExactFile and exf.exe, I noticed that hidden folders are not read.

    It would be great if the .exf files, the size would be stored in bytes.

  17. Joshua

    I’ve found ExactFile to be very useful, but there is one tweak I’d find very useful – if I could use md5sum -c on a Linux box to check the files. Can you add an option to use Linux-style line endings? Otherwise one has to use the d2u (dos2unix converter) or sed to strip them out.

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