exf released

A new build of the console application exf has been posted.

Version (download, info) fixes problems with batch files.

Due to the way Windows handles Unicode output in consoles, exf was “terminating” batch files any time exf was called from a batch file. The only way I could find to fix this problem was to have exf revert the output mode to ANSI after the work is complete. What this means is that visually, Unicode characters in the console window will appear as boxes, but the actual data is still being written as Unicode. So, if you are redirecting output to a file, nothing is lost as the output is still UTF-8. It’s only what appears in the console window that is altered.

Anyway, this means you can now use exf properly in a batch file. Yay!

10 thoughts on “exf released

  1. ps

    A app such as this one that works with Unicode files would be great. In fact, your program incorporates several features my current sumcheck application does not. I hesitate to install it, however, because it does not validate one of the most common (for me in any case) sumcheck values – TTH. Is there any plan to employ the TTH format in a future version?

  2. Brandon Post author

    I don’t have any current plans to implement TTH support, but I’ll add it to the wish list.

  3. ps

    Thank you for your reply, and thanks for considering TTH as a format. Incorperating it into a future version (even a distant one) would be much appreciated.

  4. Johan

    Thanks for the unicode, I’m using command line version. Creation of checksum files works fine, as you say, the redirected output to a file is fine. Both from cmd line and script.

    However, if you redirect the output of the CHECKING of a checksum file (exf.exe -c theChecksumFileInCWD > c.txt) it sometimes corrupts the command prompt, yet the file turns out OK. The main problem is that if you do the same from a script the output file messes up the unicode chars.

    So it seems, the creation of of checksum file is fine for unicode, but checking the checksum file is still buggy as far as unicode goes. It works with > at the command line, but not from a script… the unicode chars get corrupted in the output txt file.

    Perhaps add the -otf argument to checking as well?

  5. Feroze

    Hey Brandon,
    I really like your program and its GUI. One thing which would make it great is a deselect all button in the make checksums. It’s rather painful deselecting each box.

    Also it would be nice if you could make a native Linux port. I use Ubuntu often and find the BASH commands too long. There is NO GUI app in linux to do this. It would be great if yours could be the first 😀

  6. Brandon Post author

    There is a deselect option. Right-click the checksum methods area and select “Select None.”

    It is highly unlikely there will ever be a Linux version of ExactFile.

  7. Jon


    I found this site when searching for a replacement for hkSFV. That was a great program with many nice features, but it was abandoned, and doesn’t work well with multiprocessing. One nice feature it has is queuing, so starting another hash just puts an entry in its work queue and does not cause disk trashing.

    I just ran exf on a 2TB external USB drive, and got the following:

    C:\bin>exf -r -d F:\ -otf C:\bin\FD02T00_20100307.md5 -omd5 -md5 -mt 1 *.*
    ; *** Warning: 11086 files found, but only 11085 files sucessfully hashed.


    How can I determine what file was not successfully hashed? I didn’t notice anything in the .md5 file, but I don’t know what I should be looking for.

    Thanks for sharing your software.


  8. khng


    Thank for your great work, but I have some problems with the verify function:

    1. when I open the .sha1 file in a folder whose name contain non-ascii item, it uses md5 instead of sha1 to versify to file.
    2. it sometime complaint file not found even this is not the case, as in the log it incorrectly show the file name, e.g. “第22集 – 芊芊��探皇宮受重傷.flv” instead of “第22集 – 芊芊夜探皇宮受重傷.flv”.

  9. khng

    Amendment to point 1, this should be caused by the name of the file instead of the name of the folder.

    Suggestion to the generated checksum file, it should be sorted by file name instead of by random (so that user can split the checksum file mannual

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