ExactFile Usage

ExactFile’s functions are divided into separate pages in the ExactFile application window.

  • Single File Checksums: get checksums with any or all hash methods for a single file.
  • Create Digest: create a checksum digest file for all of the files in a folder (optionally including subfolders).
  • Test Digest: test the files in a digest file (several formats supported) to see if they match checksums.
  • Create TestFile Applet: create a digest file and a “TestFiles” mini-application to distribute along with the files. This makes it easy for your clients and users to find out of their CD is damaged, etc.
  • Benchmark: see how fast the different hash methods run.

See Settings for basic program-wide options.

13 thoughts on “ExactFile Usage

  1. Brandon Post author

    Is there something you need it to do that the Create TestFiles Applet function doesn’t handle?

  2. Ian Cummings


    This is a great product, but I have just come across something strange.
    I am reformatting my USB flash drive (FAT32), so I wanted to take all files off, reformat and replace. So I kicked off a check of the drive H: with subfolders enabled and it happily created digests for 8766 files. The trouble is, Windows things there are over 22,000 files. I tried the command line version too and that did the same thing.

    Am I doing something incorrectly?


    Ian Cummings

  3. JavaPilot

    I can’t speak for CY, but I’d like to add ExactFile to my PortableApps USB stick. I maintain several PCs and I’d rather not have to install and keep current my “utility toolkit” on all of them. If I can simply run them portable, I only have to do updates in one place.

  4. valenock

    I would also like to vote for the portable version.
    Iwouldput it in readonly location on the LAN and run it from there on all computers.
    As I use ExactFile mostly for security checks it also makes sense to have it on a bootable USB flash.

    Anyway, Cheers for the nice program !

  5. bravo11

    I agree with JavaPilot. I’m always looking for portable apps, and ExactFile would be great to have as a portable app, so I can run on any machine I happen to be using without having to install.

  6. Scott

    I love ExactFile. Very well thought out, easy to use, and full featured. I have one dig, or question because I don’t understand. I want both a GUI and a CLI. From what I can tell, ExactFile and Exf are different installations. Am I understanding correctly or is there a CLI for ExactFile?

  7. Alexis

    Fine program! Right now i’m testing it on a huge data contents (~2TB). Hope that no any memory overload issues. But i think that is a good idea to add a PAUSE button during digest creation process.

  8. JEB

    Just started playing around with Exactfile and after reading the comments here about portable versions, have this to toss on the table.
    When portable apps first became popular, a lot of the apps I wanted to use were not available in a portable installable format. To circumvent this, found all that was needed was to place all the files needed to run the app in a specific folder within the portable hierarchy and point to the executable using the portable app menuing system. This was used successfully on a good number of apps before the authors published portable app installers. Will see about getting Exactfile to do so and report back here.

  9. KENNY

    will the ExactFile change/edit/modify the original files during the process of creating or comparing checksums?


  10. Jason

    Can Exactlfile be used via commandline so that it can be automated in a script? I envision once a week scans with a test digest being stored with a date appended in the filename.

  11. Somaya Langley

    We already use ExactFile to undertake transfers of donors files when they provide them to our collection.

    In some cases we have to collect directly from donor’s computers, and we cannot install or make any modifications to donors computers. I run other software tools (e.g. TeraCopy) in portable mode from a USB flash drive, however it would be fantastic to have ExactFile as a portable version too, which we can then use ‘in the field’.

    Many thanks

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