This program is no longer being actively developed. You are welcome to use it for free.


  • A file integrity verification tool:
    • Use it to make sure files copied to CD-ROM are bit-perfect copies,
    • Use it to make sure backups copied from one drive to another are just right,
    • Use it to make sure files haven’t been changed or damaged over time.
  • Multi-threaded, so your extra CPU cores get used when scanning multiple files and work gets done faster.
  • Happy with Unicode file names, so it doesn’t fail when you’re using it on files named in Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, or any other language.
  • Supports multiple checksum routines (hashes), like MD5, SHA1, CRC32, RIPEMD and others.
  • Supports recursive directory scanning.
  • Supports Very Big Files — If it’s on your hard drive, ExactFile can handle it.
  • Does everything popular file summer utilities do, like fsum, md5sum, sha1sum, sfv, etc, but better!
  • Compatible with popular file checksum digest formats.
  • For Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.
  • GUI. Easy to use to get checksums for individual files, create checksum digests, and test checksum digests. Does not require the console version or any external DLLs.
  • FREE.
ExactFile Screen shot

Download here. Watch the blog for info and updates.

exf: console (command line) version


FileCheckMD5 (old ExactFile predecessor)

  • Available for now until ExactFile is feature-complete.
  • Simple GUI, recursive MD5 file scanner/verifier/digest generator.
  • See this post for info on what FileCheckMD5 was designed for.
  • Download