Which hash methods do you use?

Okay, so after a long time I am considering an update. Maybe I will finally take this out of beta.

One thing that I think is necessary is a native 64-bit version, so I can provide an Explorer shell plugin. This is no trivial matter — the code for many of the hash algorithms doesn’t compile in 64-bit architecture, so they need to be updated.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time doing that.  So, reply here and let me know which hash methods you actually use. As far as I am concerned, MD5 and SHA are the only ones that actually matter.

54 thoughts on “Which hash methods do you use?

  1. Anthony Maffia

    Thanks for your work on this. I’ve migrated to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and look forward to an update, with CRC32, MD5 & SHA256 support because they’ve calculated in the past for me by other programs. Thanks again!

  2. Loonix

    Thanks for your tool, it really is the best I have used. Could you please consider supporting Linux?

    I use MD5 for speed. Have heard of xxhash64 which is supposed to be blazing fast.

  3. zak

    I would like to at least see MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 as these are the most popular and widely used. SHA512 would be a bonus. Thank you for such a wonderful program. It really is great.

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